Cole Orthotic Pediatric Center is a leading and innovative pediatric orthotic facility servicing children of all ages in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan for over 80 years.


Our mission is to work with you and other members of your child’s rehabilitation team to develop a personal orthotic management plan that helps your child lead a more active and independent life—at each stage of their growth and development—during childhood and through to adulthood.

With over 25 years of clinical experience specializing in children with special needs, we understand how to communicate with children, their families and caregivers and effectively treat the dynamic nature of their orthotic needs during growth.

Cole Orthotic Pediatric Center assures complete continuity of orthotic care for your child as they transition from pediatric to adult care. We are deeply committed to supporting families of children with special needs. Services are delivered in a professional, yet non-clinical setting designed to welcome and comfortably accommodate parents, caregivers and siblings.
Children with special needs often have multiple orthotic requirements depending on their level of function ranging from pre-standing to standing and walking.

We offer full range of orthotic devices to meet all your needs. Exceptional fit and function is assured by Daniel Cole, ABC Certified and Ohio Licensed Orthotist.

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